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ACE is a 100 percent volunteer effort to bring visual arts to the students of Eudora Elementary School.  We visit each classroom, K-5, once a month.  We do special projects using materials such as paints, Cray-Pas, collage, and clay.  We also strive to introduce the students to art history and popular artists such as Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, and Jan Vermeer, just to name a few. 

Everyone  loves Art Day!!
Through a quality educational program which provides for individual differences
     "While students in art classes learn techniques specific to art, such as how to draw, how to mix paint, or how to center a pot, they're also taught a remarkable array of mental habits not emphasized elsewhere in schools."   
                   - Lois Hetland and Ellen Winner
                                               (Educational Researchers at Harvard's Project Zero)
ACE at Eudora Elementary School
              A simple equation...             

                   750 Students
              +    10 Volunteers
+    37 classrooms
Unlimited Possibilities!